Activities for Families

Families are very welcome at Notre-Dame-de-la-Presentation. There is not only adults who can learn about the work of Ozias Leduc. While having fun with activities, children can also learn many things about the history of the decoration, the themes of the works and the techniques used by the artist and his assistant.

Giant puzzles

Everybody sits on the floor in the choir of the church and try to reproduce one of the two Leduc's painting, The Sower or The Paper Mills Workers. The puzzle base is the painting's sketch and the pieces are magnetized. Dad, mom or the tour guide can help the youngers. Why not making two teams and see who will finish first?

Search and find activity

An observation challenge will give access to the treasure left by Ozias Leduc while he was at the church for his decoration project. When this challenge will be finished, your child will have to find the treasure chest. We will give him the kee to open it and to discover what's in it . Every children really enjoy this activity and want to come back to play again!!

Ozias Leduc's techniques expérience

To experience fully, all visitors can experience two techniques that the artist and his assistant were used in carrying out the church's decoration: the grid to enlarge the sketch and an another technique borrowed from Michalangelo.


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