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Riopelle visits Ozias Leduc

Riopelle tells an anecdote about Ozias Leduc

Individual guided tour of Notre-Dame-de-la-Presentation church

(For group tour, see below)

Upon arrival on site, you will be charmed by the gardens, historic buildings and the majestic St-Maurice river below. When arriving, you will be warmly welcomed by interpreter-guides who will accompany you in a lively and interactive visit. A visit where you can learn more about the life of the painter, Ozias Leduc and his assistant from the beginning of great project to completion. An explanation of the techniques used to come to the magnificent result that is on the church walls is also on the menu. An eloquent appointment  with the history of  the local region.


Here's what you're likely to learn:

  • What is the very special ingredient in the glue that was used to rub the murals
  • With what surprising object Gabrielle Messier polished the 3060 gold leafs patterns?
  • How, rather original, the priest Jacob described his church before it is decorated?
  • How important is the Father Buteux in the history of the Mauricie?

** Approximate duration of the guided visit : 1 h 00

*** For more specialized visitors in art or history it is possible to adjust the tour according to your preferences.

Self-guided visits

For visitors who prefer to make their visit more independently, it is possible to borrow a brochure whose content presents a brief summary of the tour. The guides are always available to answer questions. (document available in French and English)

Autonomous tour guide
Autonomous tour guide

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